Trekking Tours

A great way to experience the historic migratory routes of the Berber, our Morocco trekking packages lets you retrace their paths as they lead their goats and sheep up and down the Atlas mountains during Spring and Autumn. With special permissions from our association work in Morocco, join us as we accompany these Berber Nomad families so you can experience the culture and biodiversity of this spectacular tourist destination.

Embodying a rich culture of traditions with a captivating past, our VIP tour of Morocco is hand tailored to ensure you get to enjoy a professional companionship in every step of your Moroccan adventure. Marvel at the amazing terra-cotta villages, hand-dyed leather goods, and layers of rainbow-coloured spices; the wonders of the country all combined to create an unparalleled splendour, when you go on vacation in Morocco. Our select Morocco guided tours and trekking packages offer excellent value for money combined with exciting itineraries while employing some of the best English-speaking Moroccan local guides in the area.

Indulge in an extravagant Moroccan vacation as you meet with humble artisans who continue to practice their traditional art that has been passed on for generations. With NO compulsory supplements for solo travellers, enjoy same-gender-room-share accommodations that can be upgraded to a single private room. Select any of the available Moroccan private tours we offer below, bring your family and friends and see you soon in Morocco.


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