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community support and nomadic Tours..

Nomadic, and our sister company Nomadic School Tours, is proud to be working with the Ait Ouham Association for Development, a local grass roots organisation based in the Atlas Mountains. One of the Associations main goals is to help alleviate the poor infrastructure in the school and around the village. For the past 11 years, Nomadic and Nomadic School Tours have donated £5 per passenger per booking to help the Association achieve its goals.

One major project we are incredibly proud of is the building of a bridge over the river running through the village. In the past the water would rise in the winter months and cut off the villagers from each other. Nomadic and Ait Ouham Association approached the local council and government and successfully convinced them to contribute 75% of the cost to build the bridge. Nomadic contributed the other 25% (the total budget of the project was 210,000dhs) then worked with the Association to project manage the bridge construction. Now, in the winter months, life is easier as access is maintained between families and villagers.

Our support of the Association has also helped to build much needed bathrooms for the village school, provide food supplies to all 110 families of the village during the harsh winters of 2015 and 2016, the Association was able to dedicate a room within their offices specifically for first aid supplies and emergency medical supplies, we helped create a library at the headquarters of the Association for the students of the village, a pre-school was started for 4 - 6 year old and all books were provided and a teacher was given a salary and most recently the Association was able to help the Nomads vaccinate their flocks after a hard year. Nomadic is also the proud sponsor of the village football team which was able to participate in the local centre valley tournament.

Earthquake 2023 Update

As well as our Red Cross and Go Fund Me donations, our own Ait Ouham Association has been able to offer help directly and also connected with another Association on the ground who identified exactly what was needed. With the contributions received, we have installed toilets and solar lighting in the villages most affected and will continue to offer support and provide more facilities where required.