Morocco Earthquake update - Our Story (27.09.23)

I have just returned from Morocco and would like to update you on how things are on the ground from a personal humanitarian side and operationally as owner of Nomadic Expeditions (trading as Nomadic Tours and Nomadic School Tours).

It has been two weeks since the earthquake struck the remote High Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

We had already assessed operationally after the earthquake, that apart from some minor damage in Marrakech (the repairs have already begun here) that it was both safe and desired by Morocco to keep our tours running. Our tours are not operationally affected by the damage in the Atlas Mountains. There is a clear message from people in Morocco that they don’t want to create an economic disaster on top of a natural one and that it would only make things worse if we stop visiting.

Morocco is our second home after working here for 26 years. Our guides and their families are a part of our family. We have friends and associates all over the country, including the Atlas Mountains, so on a personal level we are desperate to help.

On my arrival to Morocco after meeting with the crew, I headed straight to the epicenter at Talet N Yakaaoub and surrounding affected villages of Ourgane, Tafaghouste, Arden, Timizar & Okheriben to see for myself how we can help.

What struck me most was how Morocco has come together during this crisis, there are private individuals in their thousands, the government, international tour operators, Charities etc. It was truly humbling to see this response and then be welcomed into this new community of support.

In the first days after the earthquake, Nomadic sent out the link for the Red Cross relief campaign and we thank all of you that contributed to that. What we have now established is where we can target specific help to people on the ground in the worst affected areas in the villages that I mentioned above through a 'Go Fund Me' page.

Our own Ait Ouham Association has been able to help directly, but we have also connected with another Association on the ground and found out exactly what they need, where and when.

After being shown around the villages, we could see many tented camps, kitchens and medical support, with more on it’s way, but we were told there was a desperate need for toilets with privacy. There is also a need for solar lighting, as many villages are still without power.

The costs for these items are £25 for a toilet and £20 for solar lights.

Nomadic has installed 40 toilets to date and will continue to help directly, but we need to raise even more funds to get to 100+. We also need a lot more solar lighting.

Please remember that long after the TV crews have left and winter sets in, that these communities may get forgotten, so we want to keep this momentum going.

Many thanks for reading our story. If you are unable to contribute yourself or have done so already, could you please share this link with your friends and families.

If you are able to help, we have set up the following GoFundMe page….

A big Thank You from…

Mark, Diana, Sherrie and the whole UK and Moroccan team.

Morocco Earthquake

The 8th of September 2023 was a national tragedy for Morocco.

Currently the Moroccan Government, local authorities, Foreign Governments, Charities and local people are doing what-ever they can to contribute to the relief effort, especially in the worst affected areas of the remote High Atlas Mountains.

We are very grateful that all our guides, their families, the hotel staff, and our suppliers are all safe.

Diana & I founded Nomadic over 26 years ago and together with our team, owe so much to this beautiful country and its people.

We have decided to support the British Red Cross ‘Morocco Earthquake Appeal’ at

The Red Cross is an internationally accepted charity that we trust and can be sure will offer the right targeted assistance on the ground, where it is needed.

In conjunction with our own Association Nomadic will be offering further assistance for communities most affected in the High Atlas Mountains.

We understand you may be worried, and we want to reassure you that tours can go ahead as planned. Currently, the UK Foreign Office has not introduced any travel restrictions and all flights are operating on a normal schedule. Morocco still relies on tourism and on consultation with our guides, the local authorities and other tour operators, we will be continuing our normal program of tours.

Our guides are continuously in touch after assessing each location we visit. All the hotels we use and roads we take are clear of damage and safe to use. We are monitoring this all the time and will update you should anything change.

Should you have any concerns about your upcoming tour, please do contact us.

We thank you for your concern, support, and patience at this difficult time.

Kind regards.


MD / Owner