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Nomadic School Tours offers secondary school students a chance to transport their classroom to Morocco, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru, Rwanda, Namibia, Tanzania, Northern India & Turkey.

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Why Nomadic

  • No single supplements
  • Guaranteed departures (min 2 passengers)
  • No local payments
  • Innovative itineraries

Travelling with Nomadic

About group tours
The size of our groups ranges from Min 2 – Max 16. Most of our customers are aged between 20 - 45 (but we don't have an upper age limit) and from many different nationalities and all walks of life. With groups made up of singles, couples & small groups it is a great opportunity to meet new friends on tour.

About the tour guides
All of our guides are local, English speaking and experienced guides. They are knowledgeable and passionate about the history and culture of their country and are always ready to provide information or help you understand what you are seeing on tour.

On Nomadic adventure tours you will find clean and comfortable accommodation. We only select hotels that represent great value for money. Why? Because the savings we can make are the savings you can benefit from by booking with us!

Tour ratings
We aim to give you the best description of Nomadic adventure tours as possible so that when you get on tour there are no unpleasant surprises like being asked to pay for something you thought you had already paid for or finding out that what was sold as a moderate trek is actually more like a marathon! Our ratings aim to give you an indication of the style of tour and the level of physical input you will have to give to get the most out of it. Although everyone is different we try to give a realistic, average impression. Check the tour overview in the tour dossiers to identify the rating of tour you are interested in.

Travelling on your own
We do not charge a single supplement for solo adventure travellers. Our tours are based on room sharing but we understand that if you are travelling by yourself you may wish to have a single room. Where possible, we make this available and provide an optional upgrade if this is what you want.

The majority of Nomadic adventure holidays are fully catered so that you can concentrate on enjoying the tour.

Visas & permits
Visas are generally NOT required for British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, US and other EU Nationals for a stay of up to 3 months in the countries we visit. Please ensure your passport is valid up to the end date of your tour. All other nationalities should contact the relevant embassy for details.

We will help and advise wherever possible but ultimately, visas are your responsibility. Please don’t forget to check!

It is recommended that you be vaccinated for Tetanus and Polio, if you haven’t had a booster in the last ten years. Food and water-borne diseases are more common, so we recommend vaccinations for typhoid (valid 3 years) and Hepatitis A (validity varies). None of our destinations are a high risk malaria area but if in any doubt please consult a physician or travel clinic for further information.

Travel insurance
All our passengers must be fully insured for travel on a Nomadic tour. It is essential that you get the correct level of cover and it is advised that you speak to your travel insurance provider for advice. Please ensure that the policy provides adequate cover for hospital treatment, repatriation flights home in the event of you being too ill to continue the tour, personal accident, personal baggage and associated valuables. Please note that some optional activities may require additional cover. You must bring the policy with you as it is obligatory for joining any tour.

Generally we advise packing all your gear in a rucksack/backpack, but a suitcase is also just fine. It is a good idea to bring a daypack, to keep personal items such as your wallet, camera and water bottle.

Also, don’t overdo it! Luggage is limited to 20kgs. Pack sensibly and take garments that are comfortable and cool. Morocco can be very hot in summer but after the sun sets and at high altitudes, the temperatures can drop quickly, so pack accordingly. We recommend you take a sleeping bag for the Sahara desert camp from Nov – April only.

There are more specific details about what to bring in the tour dossier for any trip you are interested in.

We recommend approximately 10-20 US$ per day spending money for extra drinks, shopping etc. Our tour price is as inclusive as possible, so that you don’t have to worry about anything on tour and budget in advance. Where extra expense is required for meals not included, we will make you aware on the tour page or your pre-departure dossier, so there will be no nasty surprises on tour.

Cultural awareness
We cannot emphasise enough that we are travellers and therefore guests. So it is our duty to respect and adjust where possible to the people of the region, their customs and views. Your Tour Leader can let you know more as well as brief you on environmental matters.

Religious Awareness
Morocco is predominantly Muslim and, as such, we would ask all of our customers to respect and adhere to (when appropriate) the dress codes of the Islamic faith. This entails covering of shoulders and knees.

We are proud to be working with the Ait Ouhem Association for Development,a local, grass roots organisation in the Atlas Mountains. For every tour booked with Nomadic Schools, we donate £5 per passenger to help the Association achieve its goals of:Ait Ouhem Association

1. Building a dispensary in the village to provide people with at least first aid emergency medical supplies...

2. To provide houses with tap water...

3. Encouraging students of the village to continue their studies through buying necessary materials such as bags, copybooks, books, pens…

4. To plant different trees in the mountains all around the village to stop or at least limit erosion...

5. Creating a textile cooperative for women so that they can earn a living that is other wise not available to them.. As you can see from its goals the association seeks to improve education in the village over the longer term whilst tackling the immediate problems in the High Atlas village of Ait Ouham.

These include deforestation (which leads to landslides and flash floods), lack of treated water to all homes in the village and lack of accessible pharmacy and hospital facilities (the nearest hospital is 70 kms away!!).



Brahim El Ouafy

I was born in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. I have a Economics degree from Cadi Ayyad University at Marrakech and worked as the main Tour Guide / leader for Nomadic since 2007. I speak fluent Tamazight, Arabic, French and English.

My interests are: traveling, reading books and having friends from all over the world. I am passionate about Morocco and always excited to share it’s beautiful sceneries, culture and colours with our groups.

Mustapha Ouaziz

I qualified in 2007 from university with an English degree and been working as a tour guide / leader for Nomadic since 2008.

I am 29 years old, married and have 5 brothers and 8 sisters. I love to travel and communicate with people from all different countries.

Lahcen El Ouafy

I was born in a small village in the high Atlas mountains called Ait Ouham. I am university educated and been a tour guide / leader for many years now. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters.

My experience includes working for many French tour companies from 1997 – 2001.
2001 – 2007 I was responsible for a travel agency in Ouazazate.
2008 – 2013 – specializing in organising trekking trips in Morocco.
2011 – I was a skiing training instructor at the National School in France
. I write and speak the following languages Berber or Tamazight, Arabic, French & English

Mohamed Boualen

33 years old, born in The Ait Bouguemez valley in the central high Atlas of Morocco, single with 4 sisters and 1 brother.

I speak Berber as my mother tongue, read and speak Arabic, French , English and a little German. I also have qualifications in first aid, mountain climbing and winter mountain walking, mountain biking along with skiing and bird watching.

Since 2005 I have been leading hiking tours around The high Atlas Massif and The Anti Atlas Mountains and generally throughout Morocco including the Sahara and all of the Imperial cities...

Hobbies: Mountain sports, socialising, reading and travelling.

Likes : Punctuality, honesty, groups with high spirits, discovering new places and things, meeting new people and showing my culture and projecting a good image of my country.

Dislikes: Boredom and racism.

2000-2003 studied English Literature in University in Beny-Mellal2005 graduated with a diploma as a Tour Leader from the National training centre for mountain guides in Morocco.

Younes Afqir

My name is Younes AFQIR. I was born in Bine El Ouidane on the 6/11/1989, a small town located in the high Atlas mountains near the second biggest lake in Morocco.We are a Berber family consists of 6 people, my Father and Mother in addition I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

I started as a tour guide / leader for Nomadic in 2011 after 1 year of formation in the National School of Guiding.

I achieved a baccalaureate degree in 2008, after which I spent 3 years at university to study English. My hobbies are varied and include mountain biking

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